Chamblee Community Information

Chamblee has undergone many transformations since its foundation only ninety years ago. It began as a bucolic dairy land, became a Southern railroad junction, temporarily housed 40,000 WWI “doughboys”, and later became a 1950’s industrial complex. Now it is a small but truly strong, ethnically diverse city which attracts young professionals from all over the world to settle in its limits, which are ideal for business interactions.

In a city that supports such ethnic diversity, it is important to have many citywide events to bring all residents together. Chamblee provides a wide array of multi-cultural events in order to achieve the latter goal. In winter, you’ll find a plethora of New Years celebrations all over town. Yet the city also delights in ethnic celebrations, holding events for the Chinese New Year at Chinatown Square, as well as smaller-scale events during the Korean, Vietnamese (Tet), and Afghan New Year. There is a large Easter Egg Hunt that draws many families to Keswick Park every year. There is also the Annual Antique Auction in Spring, a campaign started by the Police Department in order to raise funds for the Special Olympics. All those who are committed to maintaining Chamblee’s beautiful neighborhoods come out for the Annual Bag-A-Thon community cleanup in early summer. The largest city event is the 4th of July celebration, complete with an awe-inspiring firework display, and family parades. Children and adults alike enjoy the annual Halloween Costume parade in Keswick Park. Also during autumn the city revolves around sports and the football games at the local high school, and shoppers from all over the world stop at Chamblee’s Antique Row to find unique gifts for the holiday season.

Chamblee’s government thrives on the active participation of its residents in the ongoing business of the city. Remarkably, individuals, corporations, volunteer associations and the public sector work together with the City Council to make important political and social decisions, which makes Chamblee a model for civic renewal. Chamblee’s motto is “A City on the Right Track”. Yet residents realize that in order to stay on this track, they must always be ready to progress in time with the rest of the ever-changing fast-paced world. Despite its small size, Chamblee is proud of its residents’ constant desire to learn more about the international state of affairs and make their imprint on the outside world.

Chamblee is a rich, ethnically diverse goldmine in Georgia, with many attractions within its own borders and a proximity to Atlanta that make it an ideal place to settle down for homeowners and businesses alike.

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